Thursday, July 02, 2009


It's been 2 months since we arrived back home in Cape Town, and it took me this long to write, as I never felt inspired to do so. All the changes makes you feel like you are living on the outside of a fishbowl, looking at everyone else's life as though their's makes sense, and yours doesn't. But nonetheless, that has finally passed, and we are now part of the rat race.
We all need closure to progress, and that's why I needed to write this last entry, not that my life will come to an end, just that this chapter is now closed, yet never erased! I lived another life, for me it was a role I played, and featured in many people's lives, made a difference, and that makes me eternally grateful for this experience. I will embrace any of life's callings head on, and all the challenges it endures, makes it all worthwhile!
One day, hopefully soon I will write again, with perhaps another story to tell........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fin is home!

Well after a stressful morning, Fin has arrived in Cape Town after being stuck at Johannesburg International Airport for almost 24 hours. The Pet Travel Agency, managed to convince the State Vet that he needed his legs stretched. The Travel Agent kindly forwarded these photo's of Fin while taking him for a walk, and the other photo is of him at the Doggie Hotel at the aiport. Kinda neat!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I clearly cannot explain to you how utterly busy we have been these last 2 weeks prior to leaving this city and country. I suppose anyone who has been through it all, will be able to share. It is so overwhelming that I can't even take a piss ( not my usual words, but I needed to use them)!

I will share a few photos to explain. Our dear dalmation, FIN, left at midday on a flight bound to Cape Town, with a lay over in Johannesburg for 2 hours. We froze his water overnight, but on route to the airport had already defrosted. Being the hyper dog that he is, I dosed him with rescue remedy, and Paul said it seemed to have helped. But he couldn't stop his tears as he saw them take our dog in a crate away like a piece of luggage. Luckily, the pet travel agency will handle the rest of the trip. The poor animal now has to go into quarantine for 2 weeks. I'm not sure if I would ever want to put an animal through this whole move again, especially if it's only for 2 years.

Easter Dinner turned Kareoke at Meeja

Birthday Brunch and welcoming for baby Ming
at Helle's.

Carolyn's Birthday Lunch (above)

Farewell Crazy Hat Party! ( one of the many still to come!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I came across an article on biorythyms and how to calculate it by entering your birthdate and the present date. It calculates your emotional, physical and intellectual well-being for the moment. Well mine is on it's way up on all 3 levels. It is phenomenal, considering the highs and lows I am experiencing at present. I would've thought that my emotions are running low, due to my inner-self saying good-bye to all the people I've grown to love here in Kinshasa over the past 2 years. Last week, my driver told me he couldn't sleep and was up all night, as he kept on thinking about Torden, and how much he is going to miss him. When he mentioned this, I couldn't speak for about 5 minutes, as I had to hold back lots of tears. The hardest part is going to be saying goodbye to the people that have lived with us as a family everyday. This was very hard for me in the beginning to actually allow them into my space. To me, it was an invasion of my privacy, I always felt that they would resent me for having "more things" in my life, but I was wrong. They entered our living space with no intention of harm, greed or hate, they lived with around us but not with us. Although they worked for us, they worked with us. We had our ups and downs, but we learnt to love these people. We were invited to an Easter Dinner at my friend's house tonight, and I was asked why am I so sad to leave Kinshasa, I should be celebrating, as it is the one of the worst places to live! She said the only reason should be because I am leaving my friends behind. I disagree, and said that I had felt the same way when I first arrived here, but you learn to close your eyes to the worst things, and only look for the good all around. You find the positivity amongst it all, you manage to look for good all around. I believe this made it a turn around for me, I turned the bad into good. All I know is that, I started journalling my thoughts, and wrote down all the good points about this place, and it far outweighed the bad points. I just kept on telling myself that this was temporary, which also helped, not that I wished my time away. Just because, I knew I had such a short time to find all the things I needed to do or that the universe required me to do here. And as a warning to you all, if you want to do so many things with your life in the next few years, plan it all and list it in order of preference as you may run out of time just like I have......

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Just to let you all know that I'm back from Holiday in Bali and a short stay I had in Cape Town. Now I only have the following 3 weeks to get organised, packed, say a hundred goodbyes and return to my home city! We are still tired from our jet lag and holidays, and Kinshasa is just the place to re-energise.